Keeping up with social media changes – major shifts in 2013 and how to adapt to them

Social media is an important aspect of communication strategies everywhere. Staying abreast – let alone ahead – of the frequent changes in such a fast-paced environment can be a real obstacle course, however.


Image: HubSpot

Inbound marketing and sales platform HubSpot aims to make the potential minefield of social media revolutions and evolutions less overwhelming for marketers.

Staying Ahead: Critical Changes to Social Networks (and How to React) looks at the biggest social media changes in 2013 and how marketing strategies should adapt to this new landscape. It also offers tips on how to use new social media features.

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Sometimes Success Depends on How Your Content is Delivered


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We know that if we want to influence people to think or behave in certain ways, our message has to matter to them. That means creating quality content that speaks to our target audience on their level.

We also know that with more and more information jostling for everyone’s attention at every turn, even the most engaging, well-crafted messages can get lost in the crowd.

“Even if you write and design the most well-researched 3,000-word eBook and place it on your website with intriguing calls to action and a masterful landing page, it doesn’t mean people will read it,” argues Brianne Carlon Rush, Content Director at Kuno Creative.

This could be a pretty depressing observation, but there is hope.

In Sometimes Success Depends on How Your Content is Delivered, Rush looks at some powerful ways of delivering content that will captivate and convince your audience.

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Working with celebrities – do’s and don’t’s for NGOs

Celebrity ambassadors

Image credit: Warscapes

Celebrity advocates – actors, singers, sports personalities – have proved highly effective in raising visibility for a host of humanitarian and social justice issues around the world.

It seems to make good sense, then, for more NGOs and campaigns to reach out to celebrity personalities to lead advocacy efforts on key issues.

As Amanda Taub and Kate Cronin-Furman argue in a recent Warscapes article, however, working with celebrities is not all plain sailing.

An NGO’s Handbook for Celebrity Disaster Relief looks at just how wrong celebrity public relations can go and gives a few tips on how to prepare celebrity engagement to avoid disaster.

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Mastering LinkedIn marketing for your company or brand in 5 minutes


Image credit: Bluewire Media

As the world’s largest social network for professionals, with close to 260 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has fast become a key platform for creating a company or brand presence.

As the network becomes a more important part of the social media marketing strategies of companies, brands and individuals, web marketing company Bluewire Media has developed a daily five-minute LinkedIn marketing plan designed to help users increase visibility and engagement.

Why is this plan a great tool for marketing professionals in particular? Corey Eridon, in a post for inbound marketing software platform HubSpot, explains.

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Confidence Breeds Success — And It Can Be Taught

We have to be convincing if we want to engage successfully with the people and businesses that matter to us. That is no secret.

What is a little less evident, however, is how to convey the confidence that is so necessary for us to be convincing. For women professionals in particular, that confideConfidencence is crucial if we are to successfully negotiate a host of gendered complexities in the workplace.

Beth Monaghan is principal and co-founder of public relations and social content agency InkHouse Media + Marketing. She argues, “[C]onfidence is teachable. It’s not something anyone is born with.”

In her Forbes article Confidence Breeds Success — And It Can Be Taught, she urges that “[w]e need to do a better job at mentoring women in confidence strategies,” and shares her tips on how to gain – or show – the confidence that will lead to success.

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Rethinking your social media strategy – 10 interesting statistics


Image credit: Buffer

As social media evolves ever faster, managing this form of communication for business can become a real challenge. Yet social media is crucial for communication today, and businesses, foundations and individuals are under constant pressure to get it right.

Belle Beth Cooper, writing for Buffer, argues that “[s]ocial media carries more weight than ever. It’s clearly not a fad, or a phase. It continues to grow as a habit, and new platforms continue to appear and develop.”

In 10 Surprising social media statistics that might make you rethink your social strategy, she shares some striking figures from 2013 that could help you reconsider your approach to social media.

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